For Better Or Worse

Wedding Rings

Do the words for better or worse ever haunt you? Let’s talk about it. I want to start by saying screw you 2020. Any of you feel the same way? Thought so! I’m not the only one whose marriage has been affected by all the craziness this year has brought. First of all, date nights are a must in our relationship and I’m running low on backyard date ideas, I just want to get dressed up and look pretty for once this year! I don’t know what my face would think if I actually wore makeup. This year has thrown...

Isla Mujeres Couples Vacation Guide

Isla Mujeres

A guide to your couples vacation on the island of Isla Mujeres. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and vacationing on an island, Isla Mujeres is a must! With so many affordable things to do and see you could take the whole family, but I’m going to tell you about enjoying this island with a special someone. Here are our favorite things on Isla Mujeres! Where To Stay Isla Mujeres Palace The Isla Mujeres Place Resort is a couples only all inclusive paradise! This resort is a boutique resort which I love, it’s right on the Caribbean’s crystal clear...

Free Printable Love Quotes

I love you to the moon and back.

Use these free printable love quotes to dress up any room in your home or office. This “you are my sunshine” printable is sure to brighten any room! This scripture printable from Songs of Solomon is perfect for your love story. Be sure to read Song of Solomon 6 for a beautiful love story. Hey you, yeah you over there, I love your face! Now print this free printable to let that special someone know how much you love them. I don’t know about you but home is where my husband is! I vow to grab your butt, even when...

Why you should work out with your spouse

Grow stronger together.

If you’re looking to increase your physical health while increasing the health of your marriage I’ve listed reasons why you should work out with your spouse. It may seem unexpected, but skipping regular exercise may actually make you more tired. Numerous health institutions, such as Williamson Medical Center note that exercise improves your sleep, so if you sleep better, you wake up feeling energized. A lack of physical activity lowers your heart rate, leaving you feeling worn out. The same concept applies to your marriage. If you don’t add energy and effort into your relationship, your marriage can start to...

The Best Date Spots In Charleston, SC


I’ve listed the best date spots in Charleston, SC for you to enjoy with your significant other and connect while enjoying Charleston’s history. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a date night with your honey look no further than Charleston. Charleston is chocked full of romantic date spots and I’m here to tell you about them. This is one of my husband and my go to weekends aways and we discover new things every time. There are things for everyone to enjoy in Charleston. Charleston Waterfront Park Take a stroll at the waterfront park, from the views of...

The Best Marriage Advice

10 Tips for a happy marriage, today

I asked my close friends and family what their best marriage advice is, and they did not disappoint. Here are a few things they said, written in my own words, with their permission of course. Schedule Date Nights Schedule date nights as often as possible, never go a full month without a date with your honey. Seriously, put it on your calendar and consider that time booked. Having uninterrupted quality time is direly important. If you need help coming up with date ideas, I’ve got you covered here! Use Your Mate’s Love Language Learning your mate’s love language is vitally...

Things To Try Before Giving Up On Your Marriage

Things to try before giving up on your marriage.

If you are considering divorce, feel unloved or defeated, I’ve made a list of things for you to try before giving up on your marriage. Trying these things before leaving or filing for divorce can make a difference of a lifetime. This is meant to be an encouragement for your marriage and to help you build a healthy relationship. It’s easy to call it quits, but nothing worth having is ever easy. A lot of couples want quick solutions to save their marriage. Truth be told, this is a common problem, but the solutions are never easy. I’d like to...

Free Travel Printables

Don't quit your day dream.

Travel does your soul good. So I’ve made these free travel printables to inspire you to enjoy life and live as much as possible. Click to download any of the free printable’s that you love! Travel, because money returns, time doesn’t. What’s your relationship travel bucket list? I’m thinking of making a bucket list with my husband to start checking off ASAP! “I choose to collect memories instead of things.” -Elena Levon I’d rather collect memories more than anything in the world. Collect Moments. not Things. It’s easy to live in the moment and feel intense satisfaction while traveling with...

Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

Nine thins you should never say to your spouse.

Our words are powerful, the words we speak can either build our relationship up or tare our relationship down. It’s easy to say what you feel at the moment but that’s not always best. Having self-control and empathy for your spouse is very important for your marriage. Some of these things may seem very obvious to some people, but I’m going to list them anyway. Here’s a list of things you should never say to your spouse and why. YOU’RE CRAZY Although your spouse may be acting crazy, this term is a jab on their mental state. Telling anyone they’re...

Why you should travel with your spouse

Relationship travel and why you should do it!

I’m going to tell you why you should travel with your spouse and how it’s vitally important to your relationship. In today’s busy life it’s sometimes difficult to get away, especially if you have a demanding job or little ones at home. Despite the difficulty of the arrangements, it’s so worth it. So put in the work! Work hard play hard, right? Ditch The Distractions When you’re at home with your significant other your daily life surrounds you. You have your job, housework, your children, friends, and family inviting you to things, and other obligations you’ve committed to. Your life...


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