Australian Themed Family Fun

How to have Australian themed family fun at home

I thought I’d let you in on our fun family night! It was Australian themed family fun at home!

I’ve been struggling lately feeling like we don’t have enough family time. We do have family time together but I mean intentional family time.

A time where you’re face to face and making eye contact. Enjoying something while interacting with each other.

One study found that American families only spend an average of 37 minutes of quality time together on weekdays.  That’s hardly enough time for a sit-down meal, much less anything else!

So my husband and I came up with an idea to have themed family time.

We were inspired by our themed monthly date box from Crated With Love, we really enjoy our date boxes and we thought we would add to it and share it with our kids.

Once a month we choose a different country to learn things about and make some of their authentic food, learn some of their lingoes, and sometimes even dress how they dress.

Here’s The Invitation I sent to My Husband and the Kids

invitation to Australian themed family night.
My daughter said I was being “extra” with the invitation but it was fun and made it feel special.

I chose to have a late lunch to give me plenty of time to cook the food and time to rest afterward.

What’s on the Menu?

Australian foods set on a table, Meat Pies, Busters, and Lamingtons

I went straight to my trusty recipe site for this, aka. Pinterest. Well first I looked up the most popular foods in Australian on google and then I looked for recipes on what I found on Pinterest.

I decided on Mini Meat Pies, Australian Busters, and Lamingtons.

Each menu item was fairly easy to make. All of them turned out really delicious. My favorite was the meat pie, yummy! The overall favorite was the Lamingtons.


My husband with sunglasses and a straw cowboy hat on.

We all wore some sort of Aussie clobber(clothes). Either sunnies (sunglasses), thongs (flip-flops), shorts, hats, or bunnies (work boots).

My husband wore his straw cowboy hat and his bunnies, he rocked and is a sexy Australian mate.


Australian Lingo flash cards

We used some of our lingo cards from our Crated With Love date box and set them out on the table to give people ideas of what they could say and how it could be used in a sentence.

Everyone did a really fantastic job of incorporating the lingo and we tried to use Australian accents, we need some work with our accents but it was comical and made it that much more fun.

So there’s my idea of a fun-filled family evening. I hope this inspired you to have some intentional family time. Get creative with it. Try an Australian themed family fun night at your house! Let me know what you thought?

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