Daily Habits Of A Happy Couple

Fourteen habits of a happy couple.

I’ve made a list of the daily habits of a happy couple. Read below to see some good habits to start implementing in your daily life and watch your marriage blossom.

1. They Laugh Together

Happy couples aren’t afraid to act silly and be themselves in front of each other. Life can’t always be about serious things.

2. They Never Compare Their Relationship To Others

It comes naturally to compare what we have and who we are to others, but it’s not beneficial in any aspect of life. Happy couples choose not to compare. They realize that no relationship is perfect. You also don’t know what’s behind closed doors. 

3. They Make Time For Each Other

A lot of couples will get into a routine and before they realize it, they aren’t spending time together like they used to. It’s so important to make time for each other and prioritize your relationship. Even if it’s just waking up early together to start your day. Don’t lose each other when life gets busy, make time. 

4. They Celebrate Each Other

Happy couples are each other’s biggest fans. They celebrate successes and build each other’s confidence. Making sure to let the other know how amazing you think they are.

5. They Learn And Use Each Others Love Language

Many couples have different love languages and they don’t even realize it. This can lead to a lot of arguments. There are tons of resources online for the 5 love languages, I highly recommend finding out what each of your love languages is and what that means.

When you learn each other’s love languages it makes it easier to love each other the way they feel most loved.

For example, I love when my partner does acts of services (cleans without me asking or fixes something around the house) and his love language is Words of affirmation and Quality time (he loves when I appreciate and acknowledge when he does something for me or go on a date night where it’s just him and I).

6. They Have Date Nights

Many happy couples have a date night once a week and at least once every other week. Making time for each other as I said before should be a top priority. Going on dates gives you that time to reconnect and remember why you like each other so much.

7. They Have Each Other’s Back

Happy couples ALWAYS have each other’s back. They would never allow someone to speak negatively of the other one even if they’re not around to hear it. Furthermore, they would never throw the other one under the bus or speak badly about them to anyone.

8. They Go With The Flow

Every relationship is going to have their ups and downs, they are ever-changing because people grow and change. Happy couples embrace change and grow together


Let’s face it, marriage is hard but that doesn’t mean you throw in the rag when times get tough. If they have a hurdle they work it out and come to an agreement. They seek counseling or work towards a solution.

10. They Have Dreams And Set Goals

A happy couple coming up with ideas and dreaming together.

Happy couples dream together and talk about their future. They set goals and take steps to achieve their ideal future together.

They lovingly keep each other accountable and help keep each other on track.

11. They Give Each Other Space

It’s important to spend time with each other but it’s also important to have some alone time or time away with your friends to recharge.

Happy couples understand this and give each other that time without resistance. It also gives you a chance to miss each other.

12. They Make Intimacy A Priority

The connection you get being intimate helps create that happiness in marriage. Happy couples know that having that physical connection only increases their closeness. They make time and an effort to have intimacy regularly.

13. They Don’t Pointlessly Nag

They realize that nagging doesn’t lead to the results they’re looking for. Instead of nagging, they have respectful conversations, taking turns speaking in a calm tone, working towards a common goal.

If they can’t have a productive conversation they agree to revisit the issue later, as a result, they can speak to each other with respect.

14. They Are Happy To See Each Other

Happy couples are excited to see each other when they’ve been apart they also embrace and let each other know how glad they are to be with them.

They’re not afraid to show their excitement and affection for one another.

Happy couples have different habits than unhappy couples. A habit is a behavior that you do automatically with little effort. It takes 21 days of repetition of a new behavior to become a habit.

So select some of the behaviors in the list above and do it for 21 days as a result, it will become a habit and make you a happier couple.

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