Date Ideas For Winter You Should Try

date ideas for winter

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Winter is coming. Snow, frost, and the coldest weather of the year. So how can we keep cozy with our loved ones? In this blog, I list date ideas for winter lockdown that you and your lover shouldn’t miss.

For Home Buddies – Romantic Indoor Dates

Do you want to chill at home during this chilly season? You can level-up your home dates in a very affordable and romantic way.

Set-up romantic indoor dates or a picnic with your fireplace, prepare your comfy blanket, books, movie, video game, cards, hot chocolate, and your favorite finger food.

I think we all agree that there’s something so genuine and magical about eating on the floor, sharing laughter, and creating memories.

You can also check out these fun pre-planned at home date ideas.

For Cozy Moments – Hot Tub Home Spa Day

The winter season is about holidays, creating moments, and sometimes slowing down from your regular hassle. During this freezing time, it is a perfect time to create warm moments. Create a home spa day.

No meetings, no screen time, no stress. Just light an aromatherapy candle, throw some flowers on the floor, prepare a hot tub, buy DIY spa face masks, and put on relaxing music. Close your eyes. Feel the warmth.

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For Adventurous Couples – Ice Skating and Sledding

Are you bored of staying indoors? Go out and enjoy the ice! Ice skating and sledding are perfect for lovers. Push each other out of your comfort zone. Also, don’t forget to build a snowman or snow angel and take a snap for Instagram.

For Travel Buddies – Staycation and Zoo visit

Early as November, you can plan your winter trip ahead of time. Get early booking deals and uncrowded spots you can enjoy. If your state is too cold for you, book a quick staycation in a covid-safe place to travel. You can give the gift of experience and fun activities during the season.

Did you know that zoo dates during winter are also popular? Some wildlife parks are usually free at night in winter since it is slower. It is a unique date idea that you wouldn’t want to miss this winter.

Winter dates inside and outside your home are extra special if you’re with the person you love. Warm is not always felt in the places you travel, sometimes, it is felt with someone beside you.

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