How to Make Time For Your Spouse on A Crazy Busy Schedule

How to make time for a healthy marriage.

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We’ve all been there, life’s daily obligations get to you and you put your marriage on the back burner. I’m here to help, here’s some advice on making time for your relationship.

Have you ever been in your daily routine and thought, I wonder what my husband has going on? Or who’s that sexy man in my kitchen? I mean, it may not be that bad but I’m sure you’ve felt this way a time or two in your marriage.

Between work, running the kids here and there, keeping the house clean, cooking, volunteer work, you name it. We let life get in the way of our relationship with the person in our life who is supposed to matter the most.

Don’t forget, a happy marriage takes work, anything worth having takes work.

Here are some surefire ways to make time for each other and rekindle the connection you long to have.

Wake Up Early Together

Set your alarms for an extra 30 minutes of relationship time in the mornings.

Being intentional with each other is important. Plan to spend 30 minutes together in the mornings drinking your coffee together, cooking breakfast, working out, praying, or just sitting on the front porch.

It’s absolutely incredible how 30 minutes of intentional time with each other can start your day out just right.

Revamp Your Schedule

If your schedule is so full that you don’t have time for each other it’s time to rework your schedule to make your spouse a priority.

Eliminate things on your to-do list. Do your kids have a ton of activities and playdates? Do you volunteer or make plans with your friends on a weekly basis? Are you getting invited to lots of things and you just can’t say no?

All of those things I mentioned above are great things and they’re all important on their own. But your number one person should be your spouse.

Reprioritize your kid’s outings and playdates to make time for your spouse, it’s okay to say no to some of those party invites or some of the volunteering opportunities, it’s even okay to say no to that overtime at work if your family can afford it.

Schedule time for each other to make date night a priority. Literally put it on your calendar, both of you should be in agreement on the day and time and do not change those plans for anything. I recommend doing this on a weekly basis if you can, at a very minimum every other week.

Quality Over Quantity

If you only have 20 minutes a day to focus on each other, make those 20 minutes count.

Show each other your undivided attention, put the phone down heck turn the phone off. Make eye contact with each other, practice active listening where you don’t interrupt each other and you truly listen to understand the other person.

When you have a chance to have that quality time do not use it to talk about household issues. Use that time to reconnect and talk about dreams and goals and laugh together.

Shower or Take A Bath Together

Everyone has to shower, why not shower together every once in a while.

It’s always nice to lather each other’s backs up and just spending some quality time laughing and maybe even singing together in the shower. Just showing your husband extra attention washing his back and smacking his booty could be the extra boost he needs in his day.

Wasted Time

Let’s think about this. We all feel pretty busy and feel time-restricted but, how much time do we waste?

When’s the last time you shut your phone off for 30 minutes?

Think about the time you spend on social media, watching TV, playing games on your phone. It’s always a nice time to have some downtime but none of that should come before your relationship.

The relationship that’s gonna last forever should be a happy one and the only way for it to be a happy one is to be a prioritized one.

Think Outside of The Box

My husband works in several different cities and I work in a few different ones myself. I can’t tell you the number of times my husband has made our relationship a priority and showed up to “sneak attack” me at lunchtime. (we call a surprise a sneak attack thanks to one of our favorite shows Kim’s Convenience)

Taking time out of his workday to go a few extra miles for me is special. Even though we usually only have about 30 minutes to sit and talk and eat our food together it makes a world of difference in our connection and feelings towards each other.

Do chores together, no this doesn’t found fun but it definitely can be. If he is doing some yard work and you have a project you’re working on, do them together. Flirt with each other and offer a helping hand, anytime you’re together used intentionally can be time to reconnect.

Communicate Effectively

Hard conversations and decisions have to be made in marriages, they’re unavoidable and necessary.

Every conversation you have should not be about the difficulties of life, household issues, or budgets.

That’s why you have to make a conscious effort to communicate effectively. What does that look like?

Present thoughts and solutions in a simple way, listening without interrupting, controlling your emotions, truly trying to empathize and understand the other person’s thoughts or feelings, compromising, and reflecting on what the other person had to say.

If you learn to communicate effectively it will save you an enormous amount of time that way you can enjoy each other and have more quality time together.

Now that you know some ways to make time for your relationship give it your best shot. Make your relationship a top priority and watch it bloom into something beautiful.

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Leave a comment below and let me know how it goes implementing these steps in your relationship! I’d love to hear from you.

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