Nine Spring Date Ideas For The Outdoorsy Couple

Nine date ideas for the outdoorsy couples.

If you’re like me you’re ready to be outside and enjoy the warm weather and admire the spring blooms. I’ve made a list of the best Spring date ideas for couples.

It’s time to get outdoors with your honey and embrace springtime and each other!

1. Go For A Hike

One of our favorite day dates and a great way to reconnect is to go for a hike at any of your local hiking spots. We usually pack a snack and some drinks and stop and eat along the way.

No matter how many times we’ve been to our favorite hiking destinations we always see something new and interesting to talk about, especially during springtime when everything is coming back to life.

We love to bring our German Shepherd Dog with us, she’s a great hiking buddy.

I recommend wearing a hat and some bug spray for this date, don’t forget some extra water for your furry four-legged friend.

2. Local Winery

Going to our local winery is such a relaxing date especially in this Spring weather.

We like all wineries but something about our local mom and pop winery hits the date spot every time.

It’s not overcrowded, the wine is amazing and they tell you all about how they make it and give you free tastings to try so you can pick your favorite before you buy a bottle.

We usually bring a deck of cards with us and a few snacks like cheese and strawberries, sometimes we bring a blanket and other times we sit at the tables they have on their covered patio.

On the weekend at Pickers Creek Winery they usually have live music, and during the day they have trivia that I’m not so great at, but it’s fun and I can piggyback on my husband’s wins.

3. Garage Sales

We always have lots of fun getting up early together and hopping in the truck in search of treasures at local yard sales.

Grab a coffee and hit the neighborhoods that you can park at and go from house to house, those are the best ones!

We’ve had luck finding some really cool items we needed, okay we definitely didn’t need the RedBull cooler or the punching bag but we felt super cool owning them both.

4. Watching the Meteor Showers or Star Gazing

There’s usually meteor showers and some really cool full moons along with some beautiful star gazing in Spring, May is the best month in the Northern hemisphere to view meteor activity.

One night my husband set up the back of his truck with blankets and pillows, wine, and wine glasses. He woke me up from my sleep and said “I have a surprise” so I went along with it and it turned out really awesome.

He drove his truck out to the middle of our field at about midnight and said come on let’s hop in the back. We laid in the back of his truck admiring the meteor shower, sipping on some wine all cuddled up and that’s a memory I won’t forget.

That took him a little bit of effort and planning and it was worth it.

5. Going For A Ride With The Wind In Your Hair

Taking the top off of our jeep and cruising is one of our favorite things to do, before we had a jeep we would roll the windows down and open the sunroof. Play some of your favorite jams or listen to a road trip playlist to sing along too.

We live in a pretty rural area so finding some back roads or even some off-road fun isn’t a difficult feat.

If you live in the city I’m sure some scenic drives aren’t too far from you either. I’ve had luck just googling some sites to take the jeep too. So give it a shot and go for a ride with your honey!

6. Farmers Market

It’s the perfect time to support local businesses. Find a local weekend market and pick out items for a romantic meal at home or ask vendors about their products, it’s always neat hearing the background of someone’s business.

We like buying freshly made bread and homegrown vegetables from our local farmers market.

7. Kayaking or Canoeing

We live less than a mile from the Duck River so there’s always lots we can do on the water.

Our favorite thing is to kayak, we even bring the kids with us sometimes.

We usually pack a cooler full of snacks and cold drinks and have someone drop us off and pick us up at designated sites, or you can rent kayaks from the local companies like Duck Canoe or River Rats.

This is a relaxing but adventurous date. You can choose to just float and talk or to get some exercise while you zoom down the river.

Usually we stop about halfway and eat some food and take a dip in the water.

I suggest lots of sunscreen and water for this date.

8. Gardening

Spring is time to watch things bloom and grow. It’s also a great time for relationships to bloom and grow.

Pick out some flowers or veggies for your garden and plan the layout together and get to planting. There’s something about building something together or giving life to a drab flower bed that makes you feel closer.

We update a few things in our garden every year and it’s been something that we’ve enjoyed building together.

9. Drive-in Movie Theater

We are lucky to have two local drive in movie theaters near us.

Spring is a fantastic time to grab your honey and go see a movie while sitting in your car with the windows down, chowing down on some movie snacks.

You may even have some time for smooching and cuddling. Drive-in movies are historic for boosting your physical connection.

We typically drive the truck, back it in the parking spot, throw some pillows and blankets in the back and hunker down for the evening.

I suggest wearing layers for this date because you never know how cold it may feel after dark (or how hot you may feel all cuddled up).

So there you have it, nine great outdoor dates to try this spring. Try a couple of them out and let me know what you think in the comment box below!

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