Relationship Goals We Crave

Relationship Goals We Crave

Every relationship should be fun. Marriage should be blissful. Couples should be able to pass as a script for a Disney movie; with a princess and a prince that manage to live happily ever after. 

What does happily ever after mean though? This is the bit that Disney hardly ever shares in their motion pictures.  Well, I have taken it upon myself to figure out what exactly this blissful phrase entails and I’ll share it with you – You’re welcome!

However, the answer may be disappointingly simpler than you expect – it definitely was for me. In the long run, the only things that keep a relationship juicy are the mutual goals that are set. Spending years that eventually become a lifetime, checking all the boxes on an imaginary list of marriage goals becomes the driving force of any relationship. This is exactly what happily ever after means.

The couple goals Instagram has exposed us to prove that people have unlocked the secret to a blissful relationship, even if some may look like funny relationship goals. Tumblr couple goals are similar, featuring freaky couples with freaky couples goals, some say. It actually isn’t advisable to scout the internet for couples to imitate. There’s just this whole level that is unlocked when it’s original.

To clarify, finding ideas or inspiration on social media does not qualify as an imitation. It is perfectly okay to do that. It only becomes a problem when a particular couple’s life becomes the exact life that you want – like copying every move they make. As can be seen in every movie with a storyline of stalking or obsession, it never ends well.

Now that we have all these out the way, we can now discuss the relationship goals we all crave. Let’s get to it!

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Remain individuals

For whatever reason, many people believe that they have to sacrifice their personal interests to spend time with their partner. This can seem right from a particular angle, but see it this way. Would it be better to have two people doing the same thing on repeat or two people doing different things than coming back to narrate all that had happened? It just gives room for a lot more conversations to happen. If you and your partner are involved in the same thing for the whole day, what exactly is there to talk about? Why discuss an event that you both witnessed? Even though you’re unified, it remains a lot more fun and adventurous to maintain individual personalities and do all the crazy stuff each person likes.

Be Romantic Forever

All the fantasy scenarios that you can paint in your pretty little mind have one thing in common – Romance. Irrespective of where you are in the world, a relationship becomes a bore once the romance dies. Do the things you did during courtship. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean going out to all the bustling spots known to man. Flatter each other, look into each other’s eyes, and play around in the house, just play. Relationships aren’t business meetings; don’t get too serious!

Adventure Together

This easily tops the list of couple goals Instagram has exposed us to. The truth is, it is absolutely possible. We live in a beautiful world and it’s not rocket science to understand why so many people will want to take a break from the bustling cities to see nature in its purest form. With so many dreamy locations around the world, adventure is only a decision away. You and your partner can always see new places, together, away from prying eyes, away from the world; a reminder that you both have each other’s backs even if the world seems missing. Also, who wouldn’t like to see the blue scenes of this blue world just for the fun of it, eh?

Think of the future

The feeling of stagnation is never that far away. No matter how much fun activity might seem, it can always get boring. Imagine watching your favorite Netflix series over and over and over again. It may be your favorite series but come on, it will get boring even for you. I know this example doesn’t apply to all as some people are ready to re-watch their favorite scenes a million times but… you get the point.

Going on adventures and doing all the crazy stuff on repeat can get boring. You and your partner have to be future-oriented. Like what next? What else do you both want in life? What’s the next milestone? Keep the flame on, keep the wheels rolling, and keep the happily ever after happy ever after.


Any goal you jointly come up with is a brilliant idea. There are not too many goals you’ll consider freaky couples goals because nothing is really freaky once you do it with the right person. Another thing to note is to never force some funny relationship goals you see on social media. It’s usually forced for everyone, even by people on the media that show it.

Whether you seek relationship or marriage goals, the above list works wonders. You’ve fought the witch and her minions, now live in your fairy tale.

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Please comment and let us know some of your relationship goals!

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