Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Marriage Overnight

Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Marriage Overnight

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I’ve listed some simple tips that will improve your marriage overnight. If you use these tips your marriage will be healthier and it will lead to a happier relationship.


Talk, every day. What are your dreams? Goals? What are excited about? What’s bothering you? It’s important to communicate and receive what your spouse is saying with an open mind and supportiveness, try to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and look at things from their perspective.

Offering advice is not always the best thing to do unless you are asked for advice. Just having open conversations where you actively listen and talk back and forth without interrupting is the goal.

If you and your spouse are not great at communicating, try practicing. Turn the TV and phones off and look at each other in the eyes. Talk about something and let each person finish what they have to say.

Listen to understand or come to an agreement. Do not listen looking for inaccuracies or something you can correct.

Do not speak NEGATIVELY about your marriage to other people

It can be tempting to jump on the negative talk bandwagon, especially if you’re around others that talk about their relationship issues regularly but I assure it will not help your situation.

Something my mom always said is, “Don’t tell everything you know.” I understand why she said that so much now.

Be selective about what you share and who you share it with. You can have a few good friends that have good marriages and go to them for advice but be very careful what you share.

You never want to paint your spouse in a bad light, it’ll end up hurting you in the future when your friends decide they no longer like your husband/wife. I would hate for one bad comment to taint my husband’s reputation.

Never ever, complain about your husband/wife on social media. First off, that’s just annoying. Secondly, that will do nothing but hurt your spouse and ultimately your relationship.

I’m not posting the good things in our relationship to create the illusion that our marriage is perfect. We have issues like anyone else. But marriage is complicated and posting our problems online doesn’t benefit either of us.

A marriage counselor or pastor is an appropriate person to vent to. They will listen in order to assist you and you can trust that your conversation is confidential.


Choose to be positive.

It’s easy to give up when you’re continuously looking at the negative. Marriage is hard enough without zoning your focus in on what’s going wrong instead of all the good in your relationship.

Take time and make a list of your partner’s positive qualities. Make a list of your good memories and talk about them together. Every morning think of one positive thing to say to each other.

Instead of looking at each other’s flaws, think about all the ways you enhance each other’s lives. How far you’ve come. Think of your future together if you both try to focus on the good.

When a negative thought comes to mind we tend to react in a negative way. Try this, the next time a negative thought about your spouse comes to mind, react in a positive way.

Imagine your husband or wife comes in from work and they start stomping around because they’re tired and the trash needs to be taken out. Your initial reaction is probably to be upset right back but try this.

Think about the fact that they just worked all day to help support the family and how thankful you are for that. Then you’re likely to outwardly react in a positive way. You may say something like thank you so much for working hard all day for our family, let me pull the trash for you. It will likely be a chain reaction of them being thankful for the compliment and helping hand.

I could give several examples of using this positive swing on things, it’s truly something you have to consciously think about and implement. Give it a try!

Put Your Marriage at the top of your priorities

Put your relationship at the top of your to do list.

It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important. Life gets in the way of truly working on and fighting for your marriage.

Your children and family are very important in your life. Your marriage should be your top priority after God. This will benefit your family and kids as well. Your children and family will enjoy you and your spouse’s company so much more if you’re happy together and able to get along because you’ve put the time and effort into your relationship.

Life can be overwhelming and you can get caught up in so many daily activities that you forget to put your marriage on your calendar. Here’s a short read on how to make time for your spouse on a busy schedule.

Now that you’ve read some tips on how to improve your marriage try implementing them immediately. The faster you and your spouse try learning these marriage skills the faster you will see improvement.

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