simple ways to show someone you love them

The Best Ways To Show Them You Love Them.

So life got busy and you haven’t been able to spend a weekend away together or you haven’t had that much-needed date night, I’m here to remind you that your daily life at home can pursue that connection you crave if you make small intentional decisions to show your love.

Little things = Big Love

Someone bringing breakfast in bed as an act of kindness.

I had a moment today where I realized each little thing my husband does is romance to me.

For example, I have a bouquet of gorgeous flowers on my kitchen table right now that my husband bought and put in a vase for me, this isn’t anything out of the norm for him he brings me flowers often with the only occasion being that he loves me. #blessed

I took a bath this evening after a long day and my husband comes into the bathroom and hands me a glass of my favorite wine while I’m in the tub. Things like this make me feel loved.

Acknowledge what’s important to each other. For instance, It’s important to me that the bed gets made daily.

It’s not that big of a deal to my husband but I like to come home to a made bed. Typically I make it before I leave for work but there are some days I just can’t get it done before running out the door.

But guess what? I come home to a made bed because my husband acknowledges what’s important to me and he makes an effort to let me know he cares enough to make the bed.

So why am I writing this? I guess I’m writing this to tell you, never underestimate the power of the small gestures. Those gestures mean so much and keep the connection alive daily.

Small Gestures to show love

Love note saying P.S. I love you.

Sometimes saying I love you isn’t what your husband or wife needs. Showing your love hits home when those three words just aren’t enough.

Here’s some easy ways to intentionally show your spouse love without actually saying, I love you.

  • Bring them their favorite snack.
  • Put your phone down.
  • Make Breakfast in Bed.
  • Do one of their chores.
  • Send them random sweet messages or emojis.
  • Be their biggest fan, cheer them on.
  • Leave a love note.
  • Make the bed, and leave a little chocolate on their pillow.
  • Dance with them.
  • Hold hands.
  • Initiate sex more often.
  • Always support their goals.
  • Run a bubble bath for them.
  • Celebrate their success.
  • Rub their feet.
  • Do something with them that they like but you might not necessarily like to do.

So now that you have some ideas of how to show your significant other love, try it out for yourself.
Choose one of these simple ways to show love and try it out today!

Let me know how it went in the comment box below.

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