Stay At Home Dates That Will Make You Laugh Together

Stay at home date

We’ve all had to get used to Pandemic-Life and the world’s new “normal”. It means spending a lot of time at home. It’s a fabulous excuse to spend quality time with your partner, but with so much time on your hands, it can also be a challenge to keep things fresh and entertaining. But don’t be worried – we think that the TSFHDE2000 is just as wonderful as the most expensive fanciest date ever. Oh, by the way, that stands for “The Super Fantastic Home Date Extravaganza”. The “2000” was just to sound fancy.

A Home Date is such fun because it gives you a chance to turn your everyday surroundings into something fun, creative, and romantic. As a team, you can bounce around ideas, or otherwise, you can create a fun surprise for each other. Take turns! In some cases, we think the sillier the better – silly makes for great memories, right?

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Set an evening date for a dress-up party for two! Each of you gets to choose a fancy-dress costume. But no telling, it’s a surprise. Skip the Sexy Nurse and go for something bold (even ridiculous) – the point is to make each other laugh. There are endless affordable options on Amazon. Here are some ideas to get you thinking…

Ahoy there Sailor! – a chance to look silly but also really cute

Princess Leia – is your partner a Star Wars fan? This could be sexier to them than you might think!

King Tut – be a Pharaoh for a night (which means you have a night of being boss!)

Giant Panda Bear – this is a smile guarantee! 

Now that you’ve got your costumes, set the table for a romantic candle-lit dinner. Get changed in different rooms and count to 3 before doing your hilarious Big Reveal. Don’t forget to take pictures and send them to your confused friends.


Ah, the great decade of party decadence. Madonna, Dirty Dancing, Colorful Make-up, cheesy songs…everyone loves the 80s! To set the scene, get yourself disco ball lights – it’s really affordable and will make all the difference for your home party for two. Each of you gets to make a 5-song playlist of your favorite 80s jams. How romantic if you chose the same song. Then you’ll have to dance to it twice. Besides great fun and lots of laughter, this idea could prove to be a pretty good workout. That means the next day can be spent relaxing.


Work as a team to whip up a romantic dinner. The Date Night Cookbook is filled with wonderful romantic recipes – there’s something for every couple and not only for dinner, there are breakfast recipes too, if you’re more of a romantic morning person. For an extra sense of occasion, you can buy each other a fun apron. It will stay in your kitchen and bring back happy memories. Here are some fun ones:

Matchy Matchy 

Complete Each Other


So those are a few of our ideas for a memorable stay-at-home date night. 

Fun Fact: we’ve actually tested these so they are officially certified fun.

Laughter is the food for the soul, it leads to greater intimacy and it makes for great memories. We will all one day look back on this home-bound time and remember what we did with our time – make sure your future-selves have a giggle!

We’d love to hear your creative home-date ideas, leave us a comment if you have some inspiration, or if you’ve tried out one of our suggestions. If you want to be featured on the Hall of Fame, please send your best home date photo to

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