Top 10 Best Date Ideas at Home During Covid

Top 10 At Home Best Date Ideas

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Are you stuck at home because of this pandemic? Don’t let quarantine take away your romance and date nights. I’ve put together a list of the top 10 best date ideas at home during covid.

Lockdown is the perfect time to be creative, resources, and appreciate your love nest even more.

We list down the top 10 best and unique date ideas at home you should try during Covid lockdown. Let’s dive into it!

Play video games and board games

Classic home date ideas always list video games and board games.

If your husband loves to play video games you should at least try to love what he loves. Who knows you might like it.

Subscribe to a monthly date night box

Date night box subscriptions are perfect for couples who are busy.

If you don’t have time to schedule a date night or buy some goodies, subscribe to a themed date night every month. The box includes 4 to 5 fun activities designed by marriage and family therapists.

Mystery movie dates

Are you up to some Netflix and chill? Try to watch mystery movies with your loved ones, feel the excitement, and have a healthy discussion about your thoughts.

Cratejoy offers Deadbolt Mystery Box with a stand-alone case and mystery you can solve.

Home picnic in your garden

For couples who love to eat, you can book beverage, snack, and food subscription boxes for your home picnics. Mix and match these delicious snacks delivered to your door.

Virtual travel around the world

Did you know you can now travel around the world virtually?

Thanks to Google Map – Browse Street View option. Just choose whatever country you want to visit and drop the street view human icon to begin your virtual travel.

Make it more special with these snacks from all over the world by Universal Yums.

Unboxing dates

Raise your hand if you love unboxing!

Schedule once a month for an unboxing date with your partner. You can secret order for each other and unbox it together. ScentBox offers a designer fragrance box for only $9.72.

Romantic dinner date

Thanks to an online celebration, Valentine, and anniversary gift baskets, now you don’t have to go out and break your bank to set-up a romantic dinner date.

All you need to do is cook your spouse’s fave dinner, dim the lights, set-up a scented candle, and put on some slow music.

Healthy work-out with your lover

Enough of eating and food subscriptions! It’s time to get rid of those belly-quarantine-fats.

During the lockdown, we stayed on the couch or bed all day. So get those muscles working and work-out together.

There are lots of benefits to working out together. It promotes a better mood, increases physical attraction, and gives more time together.

Create memories together

Sure! You create memories together every single day. But how can you keep these memories for years? Try this DIY hand keepsake casting kit for couples, adults, and children.

If you’re not so crafty, you can try to pose for silly home quarantine pictures. It will surely be timeless pandemic memorabilia.

Plan a home project together

What better way to make use of your homestay, right? Plan a home improvement project with your spouse.

You can start with a simple decluttering, wall decor upgrade, repainting, or have a fresh interior look for your home. 

Your home is your love nest. The global pandemic reminds us to go home and spend quality time with our loved ones.

Comment below with your favorite at home date ideas!

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