Why you should travel with your spouse

Relationship travel and why you should do it!

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I’m going to tell you why you should travel with your spouse and how it’s vitally important to your relationship.

In today’s busy life it’s sometimes difficult to get away, especially if you have a demanding job or little ones at home.

Despite the difficulty of the arrangements, it’s so worth it. So put in the work! Work hard play hard, right?

Ditch The Distractions

When you’re at home with your significant other your daily life surrounds you.

You have your job, housework, your children, friends, and family inviting you to things, and other obligations you’ve committed to.

Your life even though it may be amazing comes with a ton of distractions, and it’s extremely difficult to connect among all of those distractions.

Isolating yourself from the world with only you and your significant other will help you fully engage.

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t had a good look at my husband until my head hits the pillow (shame on me I know) and that’s my loss because I have a dang sexy husband.

Renew and relax

At home you may have plenty of “time” with your husband. But is it quality time?

You may give each other a peck while crossing paths in the kitchen, help each other with chores, discuss your daily happenings, or what’s going on with the kids.

All of that is great and also helps builds the foundation of your relationship, but where’s that time to reconnect and rekindle the spark?

Sometimes you just need that Un-rushed, stress free time to relax.

Now am I saying traveling with your spouse is the only way you can connect and achieve that spark you’re missing? No, absolutely not, you can reconnect by making an intentional effort at home and on date nights as well.

I’m simply saying this is a really successful and easy way to make that connection and love spark show back up.

Have Some Flirtatious fun

A couple having flirtatious fun while traveling.

When you’re away connecting with your spouse seems easy, it enables you to do new and interesting things together.

Getting away gives you a chance to express yourself, make eye contact, and enjoy each others company.

If you’re relaxed and focusing on each other instead of focusing on responsibilities, you feel carefree enough to smile and laugh, it’s even easier to laugh at each other’s jokes!

Revolutionary Romance

Vacation sex is real, y’all. Being in a new bed in a new place is very freeing, so you’re more likely to open your mind than you are when you’re wrapped up in your routine. 

Traveling together is an effective way to spark romance in your relationship! Isn’t that enough reason to travel with your spouse?

A survey from the U.S. Travel Association found that couples who travel together have better “sexual relationships” than those who don’t.

Simply said, vacationing helps maintain long-term relationships because it enables couples time that they can spend together to reconnect, being intimate and romantic.

Long term love

U.S. Travel Association also surveyed and found that “Relationships last longer among couples who travel together, and divorce rates are higher among couples who do not travel together”

Traveling helps you share similar goals and desires, it gives you a chance to share dreams and turn them into goals for your future together.

You learn things about each other you never even knew, like maybe they’re a great navigator, or maybe they’re a fantastic scout for shells.

Having leisure time is vital for your relationship. I always come home feeling closer to my husband after vacationing with him.

If you want to rekindle your connections and spice up your marriage a bit, taking a trip together is a successful way of getting that one on one time you need to reconnect.

Older couple traveling together and smiling.

So take that trip! Work out all the kinks and get it planned, your relationship will thank you.

Relationship Travel Ideas

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